Caster Cares™ celebrates National Philanthropy Day®November 15th

November 7, 2019

Caster Cares™ understands the virtue of corporate social responsibility. While this concept might be advantageous to our parent company, Caster Concepts, the real driving force behind our commitment to corporate social responsibility is undeniable. Our actions help those in need. They have aided in the transformation of Albion, MI from a town shaken by the loss of manufacturing plants to a bustling city complete with art, music, and growing industry. Through philanthropy, each of our employees gains an appreciation for the world around them, particularly their neighbors in Albion.

National Philanthropy Day® is November 15th, and it’s the perfect opportunity for our company and employees to give back to their community.

How Caster CaresHas Helped Albion Find Its Footing Again

For years, Albion thrived as a bustling factory town. The city’s residents worked in the town’s several factories, earning a stable living while residing in an economically-successful town. Unfortunately, Albion’s factories began to close at the turn of the century. This started a period of economic strife. One of the reasons Caster Concepts started Caster Cares was to infuse life back into Albion. We believe a robust and exciting town is crucial to the success of any business that resides there.

More importantly, our company understands the lives of those who reside in Albion are unmeasurably better as a result of the renewed life the city has experienced. In turn, Caster Concepts benefits from corporate social responsibility through the retainment of our workforce and by creating a fascinating town for prospective employees to live in.

The evidence speaks for itself. In recent years, the downtown has received quite the facelift, thanks to the efforts of many:

  • The Peabody Lofts, a trendy apartment complex popular with young professionals
  • A craft brewery called Malleable Brewing Company
  • A brand-new upscale hotel in town for out-of-town visitors
  • Events like the Annual Holiday Food Drive
  • Fundraisers supporting various organizations, including Albion Interfaith Ministries
  • Swinging at the Shell concert series at Victory Park
  • Run Albion, a series of three races representing the past, present, and future of Albion

How National Philanthropy Day Helps Both You and Caster Cares

So how does National Philanthropy Day fit in? After all, if Caster Cares already commits to philanthropy, then what’s the need? One of the things we love about this organization is the sense of community we receive from working with other companies and non-profits. Doing so enables us not only to give back to Albion in the short-term but also helps us develop new techniques to serve our community more efficiently over the long haul.

National Philanthropy Day® strives to recognize the contributions both companies and individuals make to their communities and to the world at large. This organization believes in the power of relationships and strives to strengthen and harness them for good. In addition to National Philanthropy Day’s 130 chapters, we’re proud to take part in NPD’s coordinated events that reach far beyond our traditional scope and into communities outside Albion.

We Believe in the Tenets of Collaboration and Community

National Philanthropy Day appeals to us because we believe this organization understands that there are no easy fixes to complex problems. Numerous towns and cities across the Midwest face the same challenges Albion has faced, and we know the way out.
More than anything else, Caster Cares understands the vitality of collaboration and community when attempting to infuse life and vibrancy into a town. Our approach has helped revitalize a beautiful downtown Albion. We’ve seen the restoration of the landmark Bohm Theatre, the construction of a new Marriott hotel, and the renovation of Albion College’s Ludington Center. Along the way, our company makes sure our employees are well-taken care of and experience the benefits of our labor first-hand, such as a free lunch each week from the new deli downtown and catered food for our quarterly meetings.

Volunteer With Us by Contacting Our Office Today

Caster Cares is always looking for new avenues and techniques to bolster our town and brighten the lives of those who live in it. Our belief in Albion means our corporation understands the challenges the city still faces and what is necessary to succeed. By using corporate social responsibility, and taking advantage of programs like National Philanthropy Day® and GivingTuesday, Caster Cares drives improvement on a local and national scale.

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