Caster Cares Shares in Giving Tuesday 2019: A Global Day of Corporate Giving

November 19, 2019

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram don’t always operate like the best vehicles for positive change. GivingTuesday aims to change that perception. GivingTuesday established itself as a formidable organization in 2012 as a small-scale attempt to encourage corporate social responsibility. The movement has grown to a multinational, epic scale.

The power of collaboration and connections inspired the creators of this movement to find ways to inspire leadership and build ironclad relationships between corporations and their communities. Caster Cares™ is proud to take part in GivingTuesday. We feel the movement provides the perfect opportunity to continue our mission of improving the lives of Albion, MI residents.

Caster Cares™ Has a Long History of Social Responsibility

Festival of the Forks Parade 2019GivingTuesday is just one small part of our community outreach initiative. Caster Cares™ is the philanthropic arm of Caster Concepts, Inc., and we dedicate our resources to continuing the rebuilding of our Albion, MI community.

It’s no secret Albion fell on hard times following the closure of several of the manufacturing facilities that were the lifeblood of the community. What followed was a period of lost identity and a long climb upward. But Albion is a resilient city filled with some of the toughest people in America.

It’s no surprise Albion is in a resurgence. We’re proud to see new restaurants, businesses, and artistic venues opening daily. Our organization happily plays a role in driving the economic revitalization that makes Albion, MI an emerging location to live and raise a family in. We are committed to helping the city where our employees live and to reclaim Albion’s proud legacy.

We’re Proud to Partner with GivingTuesday in Time for the Holidays

It’s no accident GivingTuesday elects to schedule their worldwide event the week after Thanksgiving. GivingTuesday and Caster Cares™ believes the week following Thanksgiving is the perfect time to remind companies and individuals of the power and importance of charitable giving. After all, Black Friday is one of the biggest consumer events in the country. We agree with GivingTuesday’s unwavering belief in the vitality of charitable giving heading into the holiday season, for a variety of important reasons.

Here at home, our Albion neighbors need us more than ever. The weather is turning cold, the holiday season is fast approaching, and soup kitchens and shelters fill up quickly. Caster Cares™ uses our company’s resources to help provide warm clothes to the needy, help pay for Christmas gifts for children, and provides hearty food for hungry residents. Caster Cares™ doesn’t view GivingTuesday as a once-a-year event. Instead, we see it as an extension of our greater mission and an opportunity to join a truly amazing movement and collaborate in ways that bolster our community in the process.

Corporate Social Responsibility Drives Caster Concepts Daily

Ultimately, our excitement about GivingTuesday revolves around our commitment to the ideas of corporate social responsibility. Nobody mandates Caster Concepts, Inc. to operate in this manner. Corporate social responsibility is a voluntary act, but it is one we truly believe in.

In creating Caster Cares™, we have gained the ability to give back to Albion generously, and in ways that made a notable difference. Through robust civic engagement and community development projects, we’ve been able to further our mission of creating a better, healthier, and more vibrant Albion. We gain great pride in seeing a reborn city and region.

This December 3rd, Caster Cares™ will work hard to continue our legacy. Due to our involvement in events like GivingTuesday, we’ve been able to contribute to a variety of trends that have turned around the fortunes of Albion, for example: 

  • Entrepreneurs are opening new businesses in downtown Albion, including:
    • Malleable Brewing Company
    • Pure Albion
    • The Office Albion
    • A new hotel
  • Developers completed the construction of The Peabody Lofts, drawing interest from young professionals, a crucial component of driving economic improvement.
  • Caster Cares™ supports educational programs in scientific, technological, engineering, and mathematics fields through INNOVATE Albion. 
  • We nourish the arts by sponsoring concerts and festivals in and around Albion
  • We encourage our neighbors to join our efforts and collaborate with Caster Cares™

We’ve Watched as Albion Grew in Part Because of Our Efforts

Through GivingTuesday and our everyday efforts, we’ve seen a transformation occur in the city, many of our employees have called home for decades. But we’re not settling for the progress we’ve already made. We will continue to look forward and build on what we started. For more information about Caster Cares™ or Caster Concepts, Inc., contact us today. 


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