Manufacturing Sustainability: Building the Next Generation of Talent In and Around Albion.

March 22, 2021

Service to the community and support of STEM education are both part of the whys behind the missions of #CasterCares. The endgame is to build and sustain a community. It’s a “We” rather than a “Me” mentality that Conscious Leaders develop to drive their business. The purpose is to consider how everything we do can positively affect us all. This helps create a lasting value that brings a greater level of prosperity for everyone.

This is not a new concept for Caster Concepts.  Back in 2007, the Manufacturing Education Fund was established as a memorial to Richard H. Dobbins, founder of Caster Concepts, Inc., to support manufacturing education in the greater Albion area. This type of education is now continued through the INNOVATION Hub (a collaboration of Caster Concepts and Conceptual Innovations) in downtown Albion. This teaching and training center brings students, educators, and professionals together to build the next generation of talent in the region.

As Dr. Elmer Lee, Board Member and Chief Exploration Officer at Conceptual Innovations describes it: “INNOVATE Albion allows us to expand our role as a teaching organization and allows us to extend our robotics program to neighboring communities. In turn, we can develop meaningful partnerships and help build a pipeline of talent that will remain in the region for a long time.”

Defining a Community.

Where one of the cornerstones of corporate social responsibility is community involvement, the definition of “community” is different for everyone.

So, while Caster Concepts is aligned with Albion, our employees also have a passion for their community. This last decade Caster Concepts, through our charitable arm Caster Cares, has helped employees make a meaningful and personal impact in their community by making donations in the employees’ name to charitable organizations of their choice.

We do it to build a better Albion and surrounding community that attracts and grows new business and attracts new residents. All while offering a high quality of life comparable to any other city in Michigan.

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