Striking the right note for Conscious Capitalism: SATS 2020

September 30, 2020

With all the uncertainty going on this year, it was a blessing to come together on Sunday nights for live music at the Victory Park Band Shell (all while following social distancing guidelines, of course.)

And while it is true that the Swingin’ at the Shell concert series is an entertaining way to spend a beautiful summer Sunday evening listening to some good music, the purpose behind the concert series is much more profound.

Building a Community.

Swingin’ at the Shell is one of the many ways that Caster Concepts gives back to the community. It is part of a socially responsible approach based on the commitment to Conscious Capitalism. One that is founded in the belief that businesses should operate ethically as they pursue profits.

There are four pillars at the foundation of Conscious Capitalism: Higher Purpose, Stakeholder Orientation, Conscious Leadership, and Conscious Culture. When a company believes in a Higher Purpose, they focus on an objective beyond pure profits. The idea is to inspire and engage stakeholders. This, of course, happens on Sunday Summer nights with the free concerts that area residents appreciate at Victory Park.

The conscious effort behind this, to consider the needs of everyone involved, is defined as Stakeholder Orientation. The purpose is to create and optimize value for everyone. Swingin’ at the Shell depends on the positive interaction between the sponsors, the organizers, the musicians, and the participants. The positive response and involvement of so many speak to its success.

The WHY behind all this, and all the missions of #CasterCares (The Foundry, INNOVATE Albion, Affordable Housing, and other philanthropic endeavors) is to build a community. It’s a “WE” rather than a “ME” mentality that Conscious Leaders develop to drive their business. Again, it considers how these events can positively affect us all, creating a lasting value that brings a greater level of prosperity for everyone.


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