Summer will soon sizzle with new 2021 STEM and robotics classes at INNOVATE Albion.

April 29, 2021

What started as a beautiful Masonic Temple 100 years ago is now a beautiful learning space and training center for STEM and robotics in Southwestern Michigan. And classes are ready to get rolling for the summer of 2021.

These computer classes will be offered all summer and are open to all students entering grades 6 through 12. We believe that the lessons taught at schools are reinforced and made tangible when students can apply what they learn on actual hardware and with hands-on application and competitive exercises. With that in mind, the goal for INNOVATE Albion is to extend these robotics programs to neighboring communities and develop partnerships with surrounding K-12 schools.

  Computer courses offered for the summer of 2021:

Kids Who Code is designed for students entering 3rd through 6th grades with little to no computer coding experience. This class will utilize the online platform STRACH to teach the basics of computer coding and build student confidence in problem solving and computational thinking.

Introduction to CAD is developed for students entering 6th through 12th grades with little to no Computer-Aided Design (CAD) experience. Students will be introduced to the basics of 3D model software.

Introduction to Programming is a class that introduces participants to the basics of programming using LabVIEW. Offered to students from 6th grade to 12th grade with little to no background in coding.

Advanced CAD: Design, Manufacturing and Testing is aimed at those with a good knowledge of Solidworks. This class provides students with opportunities to use their CAD skillset to develop designs. Students will be asked to design for manufacturability, ease of assembly, robustness, and usability. As in all design tasks, emphasis will be placed on iterating a design to mature it to a final form.

Advanced Programming: Real-Time Hardware Controls and Sensors is offered for those with a good working knowledge of LabVIEW. Students receive hands-on experience in developing programs for a real-time control platform. In particular, this class will provide students with a 2 degree of freedom robotic arm which will allow them to explore various aspects of control theory such as PID gain tuning, motion control, velocity following, and other complex control algorithms.

INNOVATE Albion is where STEM learning takes action.

INNOVATE Albion is a place where youth learn new skills, get hands-on experience while beng mentored by industry professionals, and discover new career paths. All classes are held at INNOVATE Albion, located at 200 W. Center Street in Albion. To register visit

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