Talent and tradition take center stage at Swingin’ at the Shell.

September 23, 2019

Swingin’ at the Shell is a labor of love for all who are involved. It is a lot of work to comb through bands, videos, and recommendations to find awesome talent to bring to Albion. As the crowds and families roll in on Sunday evenings, we know all the effort is entirely worthwhile.

It’s incredible to see the community come together in this way. It’s also exciting to know that many people come from the surrounding communities, like Jackson and Battle Creek, to see the concerts. In the last 17 years, Swingin’ at the Shell has steadily grown in quality and crowd size. Of course, we’re always looking to reach more of our community. I’m not sure we’ll be content until the entire lawn space is absolutely packed! We will continue to seek high-quality entertainment in a variety of genres that will appeal to generations young and old.

One of my favorite things about the concerts in Victory Park is that children can dance on the bandshell lawn and run back and forth to the playground while parents enjoy the music. That sort of freedom and play is so much less common now than when I was a child. Another favorite thing is all the folks who enjoy the concerts from their vehicle and honk their applause. Many of the bands comment on how much they appreciate the car honks. It’s one of those things that makes Swingin’ at the Shell so special and enduring.

I am humbled by all the gratitude we receive from the community. And we are blessed with a great group of sponsors to help provide what has certainly become a summer ritual for so many people and families.

It’s also an honor to bring such talented musicians to Albion. The historic bandshell and the sound it projects is a unique experience for many of the bands that perform. Most look forward to the opportunity to return.

All of us involved in the Swingin’ at the Shell concert series believe firmly in the concept of giving back to the community. With Bill and Karen Dobbin’s leadership, we have learned so much about the power of commitment, hard work, and persistence that allows us to carry on this great community tradition.


 Thanks to all — Stephanie Dobbins