What Is Corporate Social Responsibility?

September 19, 2019

The term corporate social responsibility (CSR) gets thrown about lately. But what does it really mean? And what exactly is a company’s responsibility to the public at large?

Google “What is corporate social responsibility” and you’ll get an endless stream of answers. But it comes down to this; CSR means companies like ours are responsible for our actions, our impact on our communities and on the planet, and have a self-imposed obligation to improve the lives of the people who work for us as well as the community in which we are based.

CSR practices take many forms. Many companies are working to reduce their carbon footprint. Some companies engage in direct grants and donations to charitable causes. Others support specific activities like food drives, walk-a-thons and days of services by allowing employees to take a day off to participate in a specific activity for a local or national charity.

CSR programs have many benefits for companies and employees. They lift morale and give employees a sense of higher purpose. They give employees an opportunity to do good in their communities. Prospective employees are more likely to want to work for a company that shares their values. Customers, and the public at large, have a more positive view of the companies that practice CSR.

We’re strong believers in giving back to the Albion community through positive actions and programs that enhance the lives of its citizens and improve the quality of life. It’s been one of our core values since the company was founded in 1987.

Caster Cares™, under which our CSR programs are managed, has a number of initiatives already underway in the community, and more are planned. Our programs are heavily invested in the continued growth and vitality of Albion as a place to live, raise a family, and to do business.

Albion is our home and the home of our employees and their families. It’s a great place to live and do business. Our Caster Cares™ initiatives will ensure even better days ahead for Albion and the surrounding communities.

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