Whether it’s work or play, Caster Cares™ is committed to our employees and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Below are some of the events we’ve shared over the years. As time goes on, we’ll be adding more pictures from the events, the people, and the places that bring us together as a family.

Caster Concepts Picnic August 2019

Sometimes a good picnic is just what the doctor ordered. So, on a beautiful late summer evening, the Caster Concepts team got a prescription for good food, good friends and a whole lot of fun at the 2019 company picnic. Check out the pictures, and you’ll see a great time was had by all!

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CCI Christmas 2018

In addition to CCI’s contribution to the Albion community through the food drive, CCI continues the yearly tradition of handing out hams to all CCI employees.

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