Our History

From our very beginning, Caster Concepts has always sought to be a good corporate neighbor. The City of Albion is where we are from; it’s where our employees live and raise their families and it’s because of those employees and this City that we grew into the company we are today.

With that in mind, Caster Cares™ came to fruition to serve the greater good. The purpose of Caster Cares™ is to promote positive and measurable change to Albion and the surrounding area. We believe that when you support your community, in return you have a supportive community.

"Caster Cares represents the conscious and compassionate impact that Caster Concepts creates through sustainable educational, economic, and community engagement. As part of the Conscious Capitalism movement, our mission is to manufacture greatness within our employees to positively impact our families, communities, and customers."

Giving Back

We’re strong believers in giving back to the Albion community through positive actions and programs that enhance the lives of its citizens. It’s been one of our core values since the company was founded in 1987. As a responsible corporate citizen of Albion, we are actively supporting the City’s rebirth and renaissance to improve the quality of life and economic health of our community.

  • Education – We’re supporting Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education through INNOVATE Albion, a hub for high school robotics teams from throughout the region to design, build and test robots.
  • Business – We’re helping Albion’s business community grow with a variety of programs and services, including marketing support for small businesses through its own marketing department.
  • Civic Engagement – We’re giving back to the people and City of Albion through participation in food drives, toy drives, and other civic activities.

Conscious Capitalism

Every year, Caster Cares is deeply involved in supporting civic, cultural, educational, and youth programs such as Swingin’ at the Shell, INNOVATE Albion, Boy Scouts of America, Albion College, and more.

We understand that we exist for reasons beyond just making a profit. We strongly support the younger people of Albion and we have made it our responsibility to help them attain the skills they will need to gain employment in high tech careers and to keep those jobs in the Albion area.

Under the Caster Cares™ umbrella, we continue these activities and introduce new initiatives to improve the quality of life and economic health of our community. We do it to build a better Albion that attracts and grows new businesses, attracts new residents while retaining existing ones, and offers a lifestyle and quality of life unlike any other city in Michigan.

Supported Partners

Board Of Directors

Caroline Hurteau
Emily Verbeke
Bill Dobbins
Joseph Verbeke