Welcome Back to Lloyd Park

November 12, 2022

Caster Cares continues its mission to move Albion forward and make positive changes for the community. One of Caster Cares’ latest accomplishments in that mission was restoring one of Albion’s many parks, Lloyd Park.

Located near Cass Street, Lloyd Park overlooks the Kalamazoo River. The park was named after the late Thomas Lloyd (1912-1978), a community leader and the grandson of former Congressman Washington Gardner.

Lloyd was an icon in Albion. He was a foundryman and Executive Vice President for the now-closed Albion Malleable Iron Company. He even worked alongside Richard H. Dobbins, the founder of Caster Concepts, which was established in 1987. An influential man in Albion’s history, Lloyd also founded and endowed the Albion Community Foundation.  This nonprofit was established in the late 1960s with the mission to enhance the quality of life in the Albion area.

One of the things that Lloyd loved about Albion was the Kalamazoo River, which made the park a perfect place for Thomas’s legacy to be remembered. With its scenic view of the Kalamazoo River, it’s a relaxing spot for community gatherings or small concerts with several benches and a platform for musical artists to perform on.

Over time, the park began showing signs of decay. From the crumbling stone wall to the overgrown trees, not only was the park becoming unsightly, but was also creating potential hazards for park visitors.

Following their mission to “promote positive and measurable change in Albion and the surrounding area,” Caster Cares led the effort this last summer to clean up the park and repair the stone walls, benches, and wood platform, making Lloyd Park once again a safe and welcoming gathering place.

In the end, restoring Lloyd Park benefitted more than the community of Albion. It was also a way to honor the memory of Thomas Lloyd and his contributions to Albion. Thanks to Caster Cares, Lloyd Park has been restored and looks as beautiful as ever and is ready to be enjoyed by the community once again.


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