The Big Albion Plan is getting closer to becoming a reality

January 27, 2020 - N/A

“We’ve been on a journey now for five or six years working on the downtown,” said Dr. Bill Dobbins, owner of A.C.E. Investment Properties. “We aren’t across the finish line but…I think I can see the finish line.”

With the help of the city, The Albion Economic Corporation, Albion Reinvestment Corporation, and A.C.E. Investment Properties are increasingly confident they’ll be able to secure the necessary funding to make downtown revitalization a reality.

Caster Concepts Inc. Expands Its Commitment To Civic Engagement and Service

September 16, 2019 - By Api Podder

Fulfilling its core value of community service and commitment to corporate social responsibility, Caster Concepts, Inc. (CCI) of Albion, MI today launched Caster Cares™, the company’s philanthropic arm to better support and coordinate all of CCI’s current and future community service activities.