Caster Cares spreads some holiday cheer.

December 23, 2019

An important role that Caster Cares plays is to invest funds into “our community” in the form of charitable donations. This is a part of the sustainable business model that owner Bill Dobbins has outlined for the company and one that has been shared with team members.

Each year over the holidays, funds are designated to selected community organizations. These diverse and deserving organizations have included Swinging at the Shell Concert Series, Run Albion, Albion College, Albion Interfaith Ministries, St John’s Church in Albion and Jackson, VFW in Homer, Boy Scouts of America, American Cancer Society and several others.

This diversity is due in part to what we define as our community. It’s the places we live, the organizations that we are involved with, and the places where we worship. That’s why our employees also play a big part in our giving initiative. Caster Concepts is also donating to any approved organization requested by our employees. The gift will be in the name of the employee who suggested the donation.

Appreciating what we have.

As well as these worthy organizations, our employees are another group that deserves our praise. On December 14, we celebrated with a holiday feast at our annual Caster Concepts Christmas Party. Santa even came (and as Caster Cares helped the elves provide the asked-for gifts) there were many big smiles as the kids gleefully opened their presents.
In the continued spirit of giving, holiday hams are also given to employees on Christmas Eve. This year also saw the start of the weekly lunches CCI employees receive as thanks for all their hard work.

Its been a busy year, and we look forward to 2020 for all the opportunities it will bring. We are very proud of our community and are thankful for all the support given.

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