Run Albion 2020 and local charities are running strong.

November 21, 2020

Run Albion has a foothold in many aspects of the Albion community. Like other well-run organizations, Run Albion understands the number and necessity of stakeholders involved in making these types of events successful.

Much of the proceeds generated by Run Albion go to local charities, and the event’s long-term success is tied to the buy-in from these different nonprofits. These charities are eager and willing to help with Run Albion events, as they receive much-valued support. It’s a good example showing that when you take your community members into account, they will also take care of you.

This also serves to highlight another conscious capitalism theory of a higher purpose. It’s not about making money from Run Albion, it’s about providing true value. Just as the charities Run Albion worked with provide their own value to the community.

Local Boy Scout Troop 158 has been teaching the life skills and leadership styles consistent with the Boy Scouts of America with help from their Charter Organization, the 1st United Methodist Church of Albion. Donations from Run Albion offer them a way to earn money for summer camps and other outdoor activities that require a fee for participation.

Little Lambs Preschool and Childcare Center is another beneficiary of the donations generated by Run Albion. Always involved in the community, Little Lambs provided many volunteers to help runners get situated to run and supported them throughout the race.  The donations received from the race are vital in keeping the daycare running and supporting the families that they serve.

Albion Community Gardens focuses on health by facilitating access to healthy eating through free shared gardens and growing fresh produce to provide for the community.  The organization also offers plots for the community to grow their own garden and will teach them how to do it.

Albion’s Big Read is a month-long community reading initiative that aims to engage and empower children, teens, and adults through shared reading experiences. Donations help Big Read begin their work in June, where staff and volunteers prepare to facilitate community-wide book discussions in the fall.

Citizens to Beautify Albion is a non-profit organization dedicated to making and keeping Albion beautiful. Proceeds from Run Albion help the organization plant flowers and keep Albion’s roadside gardens weeded and watered during the season.

Events like Run Albion that focus on giving back to local charities positively affect everyone involved and are a successful way to help the community and its needs.  For more information on upcoming Run Albion events, email Emily Dobbins-Verbeke at


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