Collaboration and compassion are the cornerstones of Caster Cares™

September 12, 2019

Caster Cares™ plays a significant role in the resurgence of Albion for one very compelling reason: In order for Albion to succeed, it had to be done. Countless communities like Albion across the midwest are either struggling or have become unsustainable. And when you are part of a community where you believe that people deserve more, you want to give more back.

There are no quick fixes with an undertaking this significant. What there is, however, is a lot of teamwork and collaboration through ties with other members of the community.

There have been significant initiatives to bring back a historic downtown. The Bohm Theatre restoration, a new Marriott hotel, and Albion College’s Ludington Center are a few of the significant milestones that have already happened. The notable Peabody Building is fully restored and features a mixed-use space featuring the Foundry Bakehouse and Deli as well as luxury loft-style apartments that overlook the downtown. Take a short walk to the corner, and you’ll be able to sample the offerings of the Albion Malleable Brewing Company.

At the company headquarters in Albion, Michigan, it’s also about giving back to the employees, who are instrumental in helping the company achieve its goals. Lunches from the Foundry Bakehouse and deli are provided once a week to employees to ensure they get a good meal. Quarterly bonuses are also given out based on the company’s performance. And there have been numerous times where employees have been assisted with their educational or aspirational goals.

Caster Cares™ is also very involved in the Annual Holiday Food Drive as well as company monetary donations to help support Albion Interfaith Ministries. Support also goes to other organizations based on employee suggestions.

All work and no play? Hardly.

The process of revitalizing Albion is not just bringing economic growth and prosperity: It also means bringing a community back together. To provide a source of entertainment for the region, Caster Cares™ is instrumental in the Swingin’ at the Shell annual concert series at Victory Park. The concert series is a free and open venue designed as a gathering for friends and families. Now finishing up its 16th season, the musical event continues to draw top talent and large crowds from as far away as Detroit and Toledo, Ohio.

Another significant event is Run Albion, a series of three races that take place in April, June and September whose routes represent the past, present, and future of Albion. Proceeds of these events go to local community organizations.

It takes a team.

Believing in the people and building a community to its former glory is a vision noticeably shared by many. And there is a deep understanding that for Albion to be truly successful and vibrant, then diversity, equity and some expansive thinking is necessary. Championed by this belief, Caster Cares™ is helping Albion become a resilient, cultural, and lively community for all ages.

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